Here are some of the items,Weapons etc you will find
As everything you see is free and within the game
All you have to do is find them as the Mall Map is just the start!!!!!!!

(Some have Hats and Weapons not all shown)

Dark Spider Suit, Ball Room Armour, Glorious Yellow Suit, Halloween Zombie Armour, Night Out Suit, Old Style Suit, Fish Blane Suit, Grey Precision Suit, Green Box Armour, Dragon Claw Suit, Look and Tell Armour, Bulls Death Armour, Bulls Horn Armour, Levis Minor King Armour, Thors Minor King Armour, Tugys Minor King Armour, Sagys Minor King Armour, Emerald Steel Plate, Sapphire Steel Plate, Gift Steel Plate, Emerald Wind Suit, Sapphire Wind Suit, Gift Wind Suit, Emerald Magic Plate, Sapphire Magic Plate, Gift Magic Plate, Emerald Dress, Sapphire Dress, Gift Dress, Halloween Costume 1+2, Samurai Costume, Death Knight Armour, Pumpkin Robe, Admirals Armour, Gold Dragon Armour, Doctor Death Uniform, Black Claw Suit, Silver Claw Suit, Blue Alus Suit, White Astra Suit, Fire Horror Suit, Ice Horror Suit Pharaoh Costume (Red), Pharaoh Costume (Blue), Marine Wear, Ramadan Costume, Desert Bandit Costume, Swim Costume, Royal Phoenix Costume, Easter 2021 Costume, Death Ruler Costume, Dark Sorcerer Costumes, Jack Lantern Costumes, Oriental Costumes, Magic Costumes, Red Sweater Costumes, Green Sweater Costumes, Christmas 2021 Costume, Pink Valetine Costume, White Valetine Costume, Leaf Dragon Armors, Ice Beast Armors, Festive Rabbit Robe, Shadow Rabbit Costume, Summer Battle Armor, Ocean Blue Costume, Summer Costume, Fireman Uniform, Corona Uniform, Andun Uniform, Cheongsam (Red), Cheongsam (White), Phoenix Robe, Cobra Robe, Oriental Princess, Oriental Prince, Female Steampunk, Male Steampunk, Female Pirate, Male Pirate, Scholar Costume, School Costume, Japanese Costume, Vampire Lord Costume, Vampire Slayer Costume, Dracula Costume, Frost Bird Costume, Frost Bird Costume, Elf Costume, Iced Slayer Costume, New Year Costume, Steampunk Costume, Red Rose Costume, Sweety Costume, Druid Pride Costume, Gold Celebrate Costume, Black Green Costume, Gold Filings Armor, Hot Summer Bikini, Blackbeard Pirate Costume, Buccaneer Costume, Pacific Pearl Costume, Red Umpire Costume, White Umpire Costume, Demon Slayer Costume, Arcane Academy Costume, Undead Mage Costume, Pretty Halloween Suit, Devided Soul Outfits

Pretty Halloween Suit
Devided Soul Outfits
Jiangshi Slayer Costumes
Undead Mage Costumes
Arcane Academy Costume
Demon Slayer Costume
Blackbeard Pirate Costume
Buccaneer Costume
Pacific Pearl Costume
Hot Summer
Druid Pride Costume
Gold Celebrate Costume
Black Green Costume
Gold Filings Armor
Steampunk Costume Male
Steampunk Costume Female
Sweety Costume
Red Rose Costume
Elf Costume
Iced Slayer Costume
New Year Costume
Dracula Costume Male
Dracula Costume Female
Frost Bird Costume
Japanese Costume
Vampire Lord Costume
Vampire Slayer Costume
Scholar Costume
School Costume
Summer Costume Male
Summer Costume Female
Jack Lantern Costumes
Dark Sorcerer Costumes

White Valetine Costume
Pink Valetine Costume

Hair and Hats


Arcane Academy Costume
Devil Slayer

Olympic Costumes

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