Assorted Maps

Here are a few Maps i have Added
With the Names i use and all work too
The way Maps work have been changed in some


Maze of Mandrakas (From LVL 10).........Design by me

Crystal Dungeon (From LVL 81)

Easter Land (From LVL 27)

Fate of Halloween (From LVL 39)

Halloween of old times (From LVL 21)

Halloween Cemetary (From LVL 85)

50's Map (From LVL 41) ............... The name says it all

Strange Land of Pickle (From LVL 21)

Chillout Map (All LVL's)......... where you can relax without being killed

New World Order (From LVL 114)

Twin Plains (From LVL 83)

Naga Expance (From LVL 56)

Fishing Map (From LVL 25)......... re-vamped by me and relax without being killed

Arianea Torment (From LVL 50) (3 maps)

Crazy Land of Whatever (All LVL's)

Dragon Valley (From LVL 77)

Walkabout of Death (From LVL 73)

Serpents Soup Supper (From LVL 94)

Mummies Revenge (From LVL 71)

Island of Carlos 137 (From LVL 132)

Owl Steampunk Land (From LVL 25)

Abandoned Sheep Farm (From LVL 19)

Valentines come and go (From LVL 30)

Merry Chrismas Land

Onnglar Tunnels (From LVL 71)

Forrest Valley Map (From LVL 45) ................. Design by me

Andun Catacombs (From LVL 89)

Andun Dungeon (From LVL 89)

Mushroom Dungeon (From LVL 80)

Andun Temple (From LVL 89)

Infected Rabid Cave

Fairies Map (From LVL 19)

Mining Map (From LVL 25).................. Mining Ores and more

Maze of Corona19 (From LVL 10) ................. Design by me

Santa's Abandoned Workshop (From LVL 47)

Bloody Cathedral (From LVL 42)

Mining Map (From LVL 25)

Elemental Gateway (From LVL 65)

Shark Dungeon (From LVL 65)

Babies and Brutes (All LVL's)

Alien Sheep Farm (From LVL 106)

Christmas Crisis (All LVL's)

Spring Sanctury (From LVL 50)

Shabby's Map

Abandoned Sheep Farm (From LVL 19) ................. Design by me

Pirate Themed Map (From LVL 87)

Jiangshi Temple (From LVL 74)

Abandoned Circus Map (From LVL 90)

Frosted Kingdom Map (From LVL 100)

Midnite Forest Map (From LVL 45)

Just to name a few i have added

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